About Galaxy

Fully responsive. Future-first. Astro + Tailwind. Built for speed.

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Galaxy is a new, fast and modern template for Astro. It is styled with TailwindCSS and uses a tiny bit of ThreeJS magic to bring the site to life!

Galaxy also comes with an SEO-friendly blog straight away with blog overview, blog pagination, a featured blog component and two layouts for individual blog posts. All blogs come from markdown / MDX content collections so are easily editable and easy to write or hook into a markdown CMS like TinaCMS.


Handmade and built for speed! ⚑

The Galaxy theme uses Astro, which is wicked fast before we’ve started. Galaxy also uses absolutely no frameworks or DOM manipulation, so your pages will load quickly every time.

Fully customisable 🧩

Galaxy comes with over x components. It’s got a bunch of stuff

Markdown Blog βœ’οΈ

Galaxy uses Astro Content Collections to allow you to create all your blog posts using Markdown / MDX. This is already set up for you, including collections for blogs and authors. But can easily be extended to suit your needs. The blog is super SEO-friendly already it just needs your content!

Blog pagination is also already set up for you. Meaning when you start to get tens of posts, Galaxy will automatically create the correct pages for your blogs.

Featured Blog Post 😎

Galaxy lets you choose a blog post to be featured at the top of your blog page. This post appears bigger than the others. Great for posts you want to drive people to!

Beautiful Forms πŸ“‹

Galaxy comes with the most-used form components already styled and ready to place in any form you want. It also comes with a Contact form component as standard which lets you send an email using SendGrid or … just by setting up your config!

SEO Ready πŸ”

Galaxy uses Astro-SEO to make sure that every page has the correct SEO tags you need for your site to shine in search rankings!


Galaxy is styled using TailwindCSS so that you can immediately start hacking the styling to suit your tastes immediately and without worrying about learning a new CSS architecture. Using Tailwind also means that your CSS will always be super lean because Tailwind is smart and only ships the exact classes your site needs which means shipping less code!

Key features

  • Over 10 ready-to-use components for you to use
  • Completely SEO-ready with AstroSEO
  • A blazing fast, futuristic experience for your visitors
  • Smooth animations
  • Easily integrate your brand images with using just the plugin config!
  • SendGrid and EmailJS integration that works straight out the box
  • Nav links as config
  • Add a blog in just one flag in your config!